Grab Your Magic Wand!

Ahh, breathe in the magic of youth.  Remember those carefree days when you were in a dreamworld for hours on end?  You had a magical way of dealing with everything that didn’t seem quite right.  Bring back the magic of your youth and hook yourself up with a bottle of bubbles!  (That’s right, the one that’s on the shelf of almost every pharmacy you visit.)

Find a cozy spot under a tree, or in your favorite indoor nook.  Take a minute or two, close your eyes and breathe into a dreamy state.  Pick up your wand and breathe life into each bubble with your deepest wishes.  With equal ease, blow out any lingering doubts, knowing you don’t need any limitations or ‘bad juju’.  Poof!  They’re gone and you’re breathing easier.

Give life to the ideas, manifestations and cosmic wishes for all with one zestful breath into a floating bubble.  Notice how each bubble floats and dissolves at it’s own pace.  Take this in as a gentle reminder that your thoughts, feelings and emotions can float and dissolve just as easily.  There’s nothing to hang onto or give meaning to… just keep floating into your next moment with grace and ease.

Enjoy your quiet time, breathe melodically and add your hum to the world.

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©Paula D’Andrea May 24, 2011.  All rights reserved.


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