Day 10 of ★ 30 Days of Rockspiration ★



Tonya Freeman, Bill Pinder & James Brown
With the help of James Brown, Tonya & Bill will help you ‘feel good’ as they Rock Holistic Sovereignty! Tonya K. Freeman and Bill Pinder are Medicine Twins and Sovereign Mind Practitioners, assisting individuals in discovering and accessing their innate abilities for personal transformation and obtaining their highest good.

When you feel good, really good, your mind, body and soul sing praises! Now is the time more than ever to be real sure of who you are and the magic that lives within you. What is that magic? How can it be applied to everyday life? Though simple in nature, it is truly complex for we have been programmed to think and act a certain way. Within our DNA structure, lives the experiences of many lifetimes. The ancestral energy runs deep. We are the thoughts and feelings of those that came before, of mass media. The energy is the same, yet a different form.


Zsuzsa Novak & John Lennon
Zsuzsa is living her bliss through her business and grateful for being able to help others do the same. She helps people just like you create highly profitable businesses from being who they are & doing what they love, so that we can bring around world peace and global prosperity together!

Imagine… making money by making a difference. Getting paid a bundle for your talents. Did you think only rock stars could do that? Well, guess what?! You are a rock star, too! That’s right!  There is nobody in the world better at rocking your own unique gifts, talents & life experiences than YOU are!



Lisa Marie Selow & David Bowie

Rebel, Rebel: Rock the True You! Do you think it’s difficult to live authentically or be courageous? Stop worrying about what others think of you! Use intention to create your life and get some support for your journey. Be open to breaking the rules, so you can rock the true you! Question the rules and boxes that society tries to place you in and be a positive type of rebel. Learn how to practice hardcore self-acceptance and live with more passion and purpose.

Lisa Marie Selow is an author, motivational speaker, life coach, and modern mystic, specializing in liberating women to live with more courage and authenticity. She has a passion for guiding women in turning around the pain of their life stories into positive, healing, triumphant transformations of body, mind, and spirit. With the heart & soul of a rocker chick, she enjoys showing up in life as her true self everywhere in life, enjoying wearing generous amounts of eyeliner and sparkly eye shadow to whichever “gig” she attends. Lisa Marie says,“I like to bring a little bit of sass and spunk, glitter & glam, leather, rock’n’roll wisdom, and punk rock attitude, mixed with generous helpings of love & laughter to the spiritual and self-help fields.”


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Paula D’Andrea, Rock’n’Roll Alchemist,

Are you ready to Rock?
If that’s a YES!!, I will Rock you out like Joan Jett to get you where you want to Go-Go.  My name is Paula D’Andrea, and I specialize in kick starting my clients into their inner Rock Star so they can begin living the life they’ve been dreaming about.  Whether you’re recovering from something that kicked your ass and you need to get back on your feet, or you just need a new direction, I’m the creative force to get you there….. quickly and easily.

Energize into your inner Rock Star…….
learn how to use your “Screamn’ Demons” as fuel
– energize your dreams and live without limits
– dismantle limiting beliefs
– Rock a Higher Vibe to add your hum to the world

Go fast, go deep…… kick some ass! Click here to get started

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