I’m Tore Down
It sucks when it seems everything is going against you and you don’t have any energy to do anything about it.  Life is happening in a big way & you feel like you can’t keep up.  It could be you just got a divorce, you found out you’re ill, a job loss, you have to move or begin a new career.  Whatever the transition, it seems are the key words there.  Are you really ‘tore down’, or does it just feel that way?  Most likely your mind is putting you in hyper-drive to support the tore down effect.  Don’t give up, there is a way out of it.


I’m Almost Level With the Ground
So here you are, going down……. almost level with the ground.  I mean ready to hit the floor and start drooling or get knocked out.  Quick, what do you do?  You fall and grab everything you can on the way down……
Everything that you stand for
Every dream that’s ever stemmed from your heart
For your right to be everything you can be

It many sound crazy, but sometimes you have to hit the floor or rock bottom to wake up.  Whether you have a soft landing or put a dent in yourself depends on you and what you’re up against. 

Get up
How can you create soft landings that eventually give way to being on solid ground?

1.  Be Aware – each jolt you get is your opportunity to wake up and look at yourself.  Get out of the attitude of “comn’ up swingin'” and step into the Altitude of Rockn’ a Higher Vibe.  Give yourself a moment of truth and get into what you’d like to change about your situation.
2.  Rock ya self out – come up with the best parts of you and get rock solid in them.  Strengthening yourself in that way will get you out of that ‘tore down‘ space.
3.  Be a R★CK STAR – so that you have that awareness of how great you are.  So that you can rediscover, reclaim and R★CK the brilliance that is you.  Life isn’t always rosy.  Shit happens.  In a big way sometimes.  Be ready for it.  Rock a Higher Vibe.

Rock Your Higher Vibe

Take this R★CK Challenge for one week
1.  Keep a Journal
Record your highs – where you’re standing tall
Record your lows – level with the ground
What are you doing that contributes to either/or?  What are your trends?
2.  Fortify yourself with self care rituals
Rock Your Heart – begin each day energizing who you are.  Write a short, sweet statement that quantifies who you are when you speak from your heart.  Say it out loud, say it with love and say it with your heart.
Rock Your Brain – let your imagination run wild & give flight to your dreams!  Whether it’s meditation, a mind movie, music, reading, writing or viewing art, find the thing that cranks your brain and opens it up to Rock your creativity.
Rock Your Body – move & fuel for dynamic performance.  You want the best from your body?  Give it the best!  Eat well, exercise, stretch, massage, floss…… all those daily habits that will keep you in R★CK STAR  mode.
3.  Attitude to Altitude – what are your 5 strongest beliefs?

Write your ‘why’ for each
Write your goal to achieve each one
Walk your talk – practice your ‘why’ and your goals
4.  Be True, Be Cool
Give yourself at least one moment of truth a day – get raw, get real, get naked!  Ask yourself meaningful… OK, ‘the hard’….. questions.  Get dirty!

5.  Be a R★CK STAR
When you feel yourself gettn’ “tore down”, ask yourself, “Is this R★CK STAR?”  If the answer is no, remind yourself of #2, your 5 strongest beliefs & R★CK ya self out!

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I’m looking for R★CK STARS.  People who truly believe they’ve got what it takes to succeed….
Who have stumbled
Who are working to get back on their feet
Who need that kick start to put them in the place that matches their dreams 

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Rock ya self out ~







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  • I write Morning Pages (thanks to Julia Cameron) each morning. I like all your points, but Point #2, fortify yourself with self-care rituals, spoke to me today. Doing more to nurture myself each day. We all need that!
    Thanks. ~Debra

    • What a gift “The Artist’s Way” is – love Julia Cameron! Self care is where it’s at, Debra…. you won’t
      get very far without it. You may not get to every single thing, every day, and that’s OK. Know what you
      would like to do to Nurture yourself (make that list!) and get in at least 1 ritual a day!
      Rock ya self out ~ P

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