Thanksgiving Gratitude

gratitude weekend

So… how was your Thanksgiving? Did you have all of your favorite dishes with time to reminisce and chillax?!

Here’s a slice of my day…. it started with connecting with long-distance friends via texting and email. Don’t you love the ease of sending a text? Immediate connection at your fingertips!
I moseyed around and eased into my day before heading over to my friend Lisa’s house to water her plants and check up on her house. Lisa is one of the most generous people I know, and the biggest gift I get from her is to spend time at her home with her and her beautiful children. Whether it’s a short or extended visit, it’s a visit that warms my heart every time!
Lisa has also extended her generosity with fabulous dinner & garden parties, concerts, movies and fun social outings. As a gift of gratitude, while I was watering the plants, I also cleaned her household bins. It may seem kind of odd, but as you may have experienced for yourself, those things get pretty rank after a while, lol. It gets to be a gagger every time you go to throw the trash or recycling out.
As a busy, single mom with 2 kids, it’s at the end of her list. So, I put my cleaning clothes on and set out to clean her trash, recycling and garden bins. I started phase one of the process with rinsing, bleach and soaking, and then went on to water the plants.
Lisa’s backyard has always been an oasis of tranquility for me, and I experienced it at an even deeper level yesterday. Have you experienced those spiritual times with nature when you really feel a part of it? It wakes your soul and allows you to be at one with yourself. I could smell the dirt as I nourished each plant, and I really felt at one with nature as I went from plant to plant, adding to their life force.
Fresh dirt is one of my favorite outdoor smells…. right up there with a fresh cut lawn and the smell of the ocean. Those are some of the scents I grew up with in my home state of RI. Hydrating the plants triggered some fond memories of my early life…holidays with my family & friends, and the rich environment I grew up in.
It feels good to give, doesn’t it? Especially when you give of yourself with intention or action. A physical gift is always nice, and you gotta love those gift certificates! There is something extra special though, about knowing your family and friends well enough that you know the gift that will really make them smile. The ones that come from your heart, and the delivery from your actions. I know Lisa will appreciate my gesture – the pleasure was all mine!

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