★Motivation Monday:  Learn to Surf

★Motivation Monday: Learn to Surf

    ★Motivation Monday ★ ________________________ How do you handle your waves? Life can get a little gnarly. When you get thrashed a little more because you're holding yourself back, it gets gnarlier. Your body gets thrashed, your mind plays tricks on you and doubt & fear creep in. You'll keep getting knocked around until you decide to let go of habits, thoughts & behaviors that are keeping you in your own dangerous 'loop.' - Do you feel like you're getting clobbered or are you able to stand up and brace yourself - Are there times like you wish you had a lifeguard watching over you - Do you know when to duck under - When you get tumbled around by a giant wave, do you know how to relax into it Learn how to surf and ride the waves in your life with Fresh Start 21 - Stand your ground & brace yourself against incoming waves - Be aware of the waves coming your...
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