Motivation Monday:  VISION

Motivation Monday: VISION

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Rock Your Life 365:  Give An Encore Performance Every Day Motivation Monday: VISION     Oprah says, 'Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.' What vision do you hold for yourself? Have you ever noticed that just when things seem to be going right something comes up that has you muttering "I knew this was too good to be true." Why is that? Why are the things you desire the most the things that come in flashes. Do you want more? When is the last time you put your vision right in front of you? Running your own commercial - taking you where you want to go in life. Words that engage you and amp you up - that really turn you on. Music that makes your heart sing and soar. Imaging that expands your vision and really puts you in the picture, making you limitless. So real that you can feel...
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Rock Your Mind

  ROCK YOUR MIND One of the best ways to Rock Your Mind is to tap into your heart.  To take time for some soul play and explore the deepest aspect of you.  To revel & reveal the 'dreamer' in you - alive & passionate.  Letting your dreams surface, to guide your inner essence, your heart & your mind.  To breathe your dreams into reality.....   VISION BOARD When I was growing up, my entire bedroom was a vision board.  Full of rock stars, celebs & sports figures - anyone & anything I admired, wanted to be or wanted to see. At that time, I didn't realize it was a vision board.  Growing up, it was just a room filled with big dreams.  The movie 'The Secret' defined it, and while masterminding with Adam Urbanski, I had that 'AHA' moment that consciously made the connection.   MIND MOVIE Now I've begun to use mind movies as a form of a 'live musical' vision board. My clients love them!  One of the 'secrets' to...
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