Motivation Monday:  Do What You Love

Motivation Monday: Do What You Love

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Do What You Love As you tuck away the summer with your friends & family, eating the last BBQ of the summer, enjoy your time off. Savor the food, scents, bugs, breeze, laughter and the last rays of summer. Let it fulfill you in every way.... to renew, spark and stir. As you begin your last quarter and enter a new season this week, What are you ready to dive into What are you ready to launch What are you ready to try differently   Are you doing what you love?! How can you live your life doing more of what you love? Here are 3 tips for you to strengthen your love for what you do 1. Keep A Gratitude Journal...... every day add at least 5 items to your journal 2. Step Into A Challenge....... find a coach or mentor who can support you in area you haven't ventured into yet 3. Volunteer..... fit time...
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Motivation Monday:  Worth It

Motivation Monday: Worth It

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday:  Worth It Is anything worth having easy?! The truth is, you make your own struggles. When you begin anything that's new, from a diet to a new job, along with the excitement of change, there may be just a little bit of resistance. As you begin to get in flow, it does get easier, even when the bumps come up! Sure you have days of challenge, you just handle it differently because you're more in flow and grounded. You develop a confidence that allows you to excel and stay on course. How do you get that rock solid confidence? 1.  Action - make a plan..... yes, it's that easy! 2.  Consistency - have good follow through so you can stay the course 3.  Support - whether things are running smoothly or getting bumpy, it's good to have accountability & assurance What is 'Worth It'? Share your comment in the section below BREAKTHROUGH Say YES! to Your Life...
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Motivation Monday:  Whats Your Healthy?

Motivation Monday: Whats Your Healthy?

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: What's Your Healthy Do Something Healthy Every Day What's Your Healthy PODCAST (download) Are you ready to be F.I.T.? It takes focus, determination, optimal health, a good support system.... so many factors to integrate into your life to have the clarity, confidence, stamina and motivation to consistently put yourself out there and experience success in your life and business. I've been in the fields of health, wellness and coaching for over 20 years. As a Transformation specialist, I've guided many people through situations they thought they'd never get out of.... like finally losing the 20+ pounds they've struggled with all their life, to recover from an illness or injury, to bring light back into their life after a traumatic event. Life is happening in big ways, every day. How can you keep yourself in the game?  By being F.I.T. - giving yourself the freedom to live life on your terms, integrating the best parts of you...
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Motivation Monday: Letting Go

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here   What is one thing you are ready to Let Go of? Motivation Monday: Letting Go There are times it can seem that you are losing ground...... in your work, your relationships, even within yourself. It becomes a struggle and source of stress for many. It doesn't have to be a struggle.  As a matter of fact, it can be a source of change and bring new flow into your life when you let it. Are you ready? There is movement to everything - why would you want things to remain the same?  In most of my coaching sessions, I find what stresses most of my clients is inner conflict - with time, family, guilt, honor and truth. Let's face it, it isn't an easy thing to say, "this isn't part of my life anymore." It's especially hard to say when you've been in the same job, relationship position - same life - for a really long...
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Stop Wishing.  Start Doing.

Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

★Motivation Monday: Stop Wishing - Start Doing Where are holding back in your Life? Have you been in a self sabotage cycle for a while? Do you find yourself only getting so far in your success? Are you often 'right there', and bam! you do something stupid to screw yourself over - losing a job, money or relationship? Maybe you manifest your sabotage in your body, and you're dealing with the same flare up - for the umpteenth time! Or you just happened to have yet another accident. How many times do you wish you were feeling better to have more fun, say 'yes' to an exciting invitation or quite simply, not be in pain. It sucks to live this way. Have you had enough?! Is it time for you to get to the bottom of what keeps getting in your way? Stop Wishing...... for your life to change you could drop 10 pounds you didn't have any aches/pains you had more money painful memories would go...
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