Motivation Monday:  Are You Hoarding Your Talent

Motivation Monday: Are You Hoarding Your Talent

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Are You Hoarding Your Talent Last weekend I needed some perspective and pulled out my copy of Napoleon Hill's Law of Success.  One of the pages I opened up to was the above quote by Brendan Francis. As I read this quote, I asked myself, "is there anywhere in my life I'm hoarding?" My surface answer?  I am so grateful and blessed for what I do. It comes so naturally and easily, and my client sessions are over the top!  I know that when I am in a session with someone, it's all out, every time..... there isn't any holding back on either end, which makes for enriching, rewarding and productive interaction. When I dug really deep, I found the place I did the most hoarding..... time.  Yup.  I'm a time hoarder.  I allot 'X' amount of hours to everything - working out, socializing, work, free time.  And you know what?  It helps me...
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An X-Ray of Purity

What is it like to be Pure.  To be you, stripped down to the bone.  An x-ray of purity. The true living, breathing entity that you are.  Devoid of toxins, impurities, debilitating thoughts, angst, stress.  A living, breathing organism that thrives on it's natural beauty.  It's natural talent.  As if there were never any influence other than what innately resides in you.  Free to be, to live as a Picasso, a form of art, Expression.  What if your skin was made by your favorite designer, perhaps a Dior or Gaultier.  What if your voice sang like a pop star.  What if you moved with the grace of a ballerina, the fire of salsa and the force of hip hop. What if........ Expose yourself.  Live Boldly.  Live out Loud.   ©Paula D'Andrea, 5.3.11.  All rights reserved....
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Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart Whatever you do, give it your all..... go all out.  Let your heart get wrapped up in that action and share your essence, gifts and talents with others.  You'd be surprised what a difference you can make! The art of giving. Give freely, give often.  Whether it's a smile, a helping hand or a spot at the gym, help someone out. You can do more. Tap into your heart - you can do way more than you think you can.  We don't often put ourselves to the test, and only get a fraction of our potential in return.  Set a new goal today, and open your heart to possibilities. Who needs fame? It is in our humblest hours that we make our greatest contributions.  Consistently do good things for those around you and lift them to new heights.  Create new leaders. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Life is precious.... let others know where they stand with you.  Be...
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