★Motivation Monday:  Learn to Surf

★Motivation Monday: Learn to Surf

    ★Motivation Monday ★ ________________________ How do you handle your waves? Life can get a little gnarly. When you get thrashed a little more because you're holding yourself back, it gets gnarlier. Your body gets thrashed, your mind plays tricks on you and doubt & fear creep in. You'll keep getting knocked around until you decide to let go of habits, thoughts & behaviors that are keeping you in your own dangerous 'loop.' - Do you feel like you're getting clobbered or are you able to stand up and brace yourself - Are there times like you wish you had a lifeguard watching over you - Do you know when to duck under - When you get tumbled around by a giant wave, do you know how to relax into it Learn how to surf and ride the waves in your life with Fresh Start 21 - Stand your ground & brace yourself against incoming waves - Be aware of the waves coming your...
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‘Catch a wave & you’re sittin’ on top of the world’………..

surf's up! You won't find your 'perfect wave' sitting at home, wondering 'what if'.  Don't let life pass you by - get out there & live it up!  One of the most awesome parts of an entrepreneurial lifestyle is your flexibility. It's not like you want to constantly be shirking your responsibilities, but when the spirit really moves you....... you've really got that bug up your ass to move....... do it!!  It will feed your soul open your mind and magicalize your heart   Looking for your perfect wave?  Dive into a Soul Session and find your point break - click here     Keep breathing your dreams into reality…….. Rock ya self out ~     ©Paula D'Andrea June 2012.   All rights reserved. Sweatshirt, tee - Lucky, Sunglasses - Puma, Sweats - Forever 21, Wetsuit - O'Neill, Surfboard by West Coast Surf...
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