This Week’s RESET:  Unstuck

This Week’s RESET: Unstuck

Get Unstuck How frustrating is it to be excelling in one area - like your business - and stuck in another ? "Excruciating," "Like a migraine of the heart" are a couple of ways my clients put it. When you're putting a lot of effort into one area, it is very common to get stuck in another. Until you reset, and energize your solutions. What do you when you find yourself stuck Experiencing repeated cycles of sabotage Getting spun out by your 'story' or a traumatic event Living in a body that is unhealthy Hiding or finding comfort in the past It's time for you to move forward and be in stride with your life ..... in flow. When you're stuck, you feel like life is passing by you. What if you could move past any blocks, swing your energy to the positive and fully participate in your life? Now is your time. Imagine Waking up everyday excited to be alive ...
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Motivation Monday:  Are You Ready To Fly

Motivation Monday: Are You Ready To Fly

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Are You Ready To Fly 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Jump! If anyone had said to me you'd be jumping out of a plane, I'd say you're crazy!  Well, it's happening in one week - the countdown is on.  It hasn't been a bucket list item, a burning desire, or even something I've ever really wanted to do.  As I was approaching my birthday, I did want to do something big to Celebrate my life.  A skydive is what appeared in my inbox, and I said 'YES' to it.  It was a decision that was made confidently and quickly. Am I afraid of heights?  I have been in the past.  The highest I've gotten off the ground was zip-lining in Mexico a few years ago.  Funny thing is, height hasn't been an issue. Why?  My intention and place I said 'YES' from didn't arise from fear.  My desire and decision came...
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Step Into Your Alignment  [RYL TV #59]

Step Into Your Alignment [RYL TV #59]

"How can I be so out of whack?!" That's a question one of my client's brought up in her session recently. She couldn't believe something she had set out to do still hadn't been done, and it was a year later.  Here she was, stuck in the same spot - unfulfilled, unhealthy... out of whack, unhappy.  My response?  Good!  That meant she was ready to address what was really missing in her life.  Alignment.  That connection to her heart and inner voice that kept her in touch with her values.  It is her time to get F.I.T. and bring herself back to the life.  Are you ready to be your F.I.T.? It's really easy for time to slip away, right? You get caught up in your day to day, and before you know it, BAM!, time has marched on.  Sometimes a lot of time, right?! Before you start getting down on yourself about it, hold up. There isn’t any fixing to do… no...
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Motivation Monday:  Celebrate All Your Successes!

Motivation Monday: Celebrate All Your Successes!

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Celebrate All Your Successes Do you recognize & celebrate your successes? Often times you overlook the great things you are doing in life.  It seems your failures become more apparent and dwelled on. Do you see your successes? Do you recognize your achievements? Do you take a moment to congratulate yourself? Stand up & Cheer The next time you do something cool or 'right' or that puts a smile on your face, be ready to let out a whoop! because..... you added 5 more lbs to your leg press or upped your resistance on the treadmill you fit in your 'old clothes' by paying more attention to your nutrition and putting in the time to walk every day for a half hour you finished a major project - like your first book you're raising/have raised great kids you gave yourself a raise you've made up your mind to hire a coach & get the support you...
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Motivation Monday:   3 Pillars to Success…. and Raw Talent

Motivation Monday: 3 Pillars to Success…. and Raw Talent

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here What's Your Raw Talent? Strength What do you think I have in common with Advertising Super Power, Charlotte Beers Founder of One Kings Lane, Susan Feldman Pilot & Owner of Desert Jet, Denise Wilson 3 Pillars to Success: Confidence, Competence, Connection Know you Are This past Wednesday, I attended a wonderful event sponsored by American Express.  At the CEO BootCamp, I had the opportunity to meet some super women in business and hear all of the awe inspiring speakers listed above.  As each person spoke, there was commonality.  It was the constant head nod..... yes, yes, yes! Although you may need to be reminded of that from time to time, most likely you have the 3C's in common as well.  When you're in your day to day, any one of those pillars can be shaken.  And when they're shaken, it can be a bit rocky. Foundation You have something special in you.  It's easy to forget in the dark moments.  And when the dark...
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