Motivation Monday: Vulnerability to Strength

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here   How do you allow yourself to be Vulnerable?         Vulnerability When you think about being vulnerable, you probably associate it with a painful memory or feel a little twinge in your heart that says 'ouch'. Whether that stems from a romantic interlude, family dysfunction or life circumstances, it made an impact. And you probably decided a better option was to clamp down a little tighter, especially around your heart. Nothing could be worse than feeling that exposed and fragile again... right?   Open Your Heart The most vulnerable, and sacred places, for most people is the heart. When you 'put yourself out there' with your business, new relationships (platonic or romantic) or into a new venture, you leave yourself wide open. Do you just tear the band aid off, or do you slowly peel it back? When your heart is in recovery, that's kind of how it feels, doesn't it. Your senses intensify, you've got your armor on...
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Motivation Monday:  Blame to ‘A’ Game

Motivation Monday: Blame to ‘A’ Game

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here   What's Your Scarlet Letter?   'A' - Adulturer You're probably very familiar with the book, The Scarlet Letter... maybe you read it in high school.  That may/may not be a long time ago for you - here's a little recap: We have a heroine here, her name is Hester Prynne. Hester was publicly shamed for her 'sin' - having a child, Pearl, out of wedlock. (can you imagine!)  Publicly shamed for her sins - she is also forced to have it pinned to her chest - just in case someone in the town missed it.  Maybe it's for the out of towners. Anyhoo, poor Hester is forced to endure the searing stigma of bearing her beloved child, Pearl, out of wedlock - the letter 'A' forever reminding her of her adulterous sin - outcast, shunned, isolated.   First of all, can you imagine living in 17th century Puritan Boston? Yikes! I think for sure, if I didn't make it to...
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