body rock:  this is spinal tap

body rock: this is spinal tap

Become a subscriber to Body Rock, click here   Have you ever thought about your emotions relationship to your spine? What are your nerves tapping into when they fire off? In years as a Fitness Trainer, and now as a Transformation Specialist, I've been told over and over how people feel trapped in their bodies. After years of dealing with emotional and physical pain that has repeatedly showing up in different forms, they are ready to get their body back. And their life. Bass Base One of the most common ailments I hear about it is, "I have a bad back." 9 times out of 10, most people are dealing with postural deviations. If you've ever twisted the wrong way and gotten a sharp pain, you know how quickly pain can amplify. You begin feeling sensations you've never felt, and it feels like your body is screaming. Tapped & Trapped What most people don't have is an accident or other injury that would substantiate the claim...
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