Motivation Monday:  Your Agenda

Motivation Monday: Your Agenda

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday:  Your Agenda Feelings. Consciousness. Conscious mind. Stories. 60,000 Thoughts. Is what you think you want what you really want? Do you feel like you're caught in a loop sometimes? Even though you might be cruising, and things are going well, there's one little voice that still creeps in and levels you out. Then you start analyzing and questioning what you're doing. Overwhelm and doubt set in and you get so exasperated that you're ready to close up shop and go get a job. Is that really what you want? How awesome would it be to end your day with a positive reflection, sleep like a baby and get up the next morning with a brilliant idea or really great feeling for your day? It's possible! Your Agenda  What area of your life would you like to improve right now? How would your life be different if you made that improvement right now? For what purpose...
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Get off the shelf!

Do you have any self help books hanging around?  Maybe some you've never read!  I'm guilty, lol.  We all have the best intentions of getting 'past that thing' - that one nagging behavior or thought that spins us around & drives us crazy.  So we buy a book to help get us there, and then don't take any action. My friend Amy Ahlers just wrote a bestselling self help book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves.  I attended her book signing here in Los Angeles, and among the many great things she said, there was one funny quote she shared that cracked me up - 'don't let self help become shelf help'.  Ok, fess up, you have a couple of books you never even cracked open.  Me too!  It prompted me to share this tip with you (and myself). The Tip..........  get off the shelf!  Go through your collection and see which book is calling to you at the moment.  Blow the...
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