Motivation Monday:  The Oscar Goes To

Motivation Monday: The Oscar Goes To

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: The Oscar Goes To... The Nomination Take a minute to write out all the roles you play in your life..... there's a lot, isn't there?!  Now really look at your list.  Are there any roles you'd like to relinquish? Perhaps to move on to another category...... Actor, Director, Producer Best Actor/Actress In A Lead Role - are you really in your life - 100%? Best Actor/Actress In A Supporting Role - are you an intricate part of the story, helping others shine? Best Director - are you leading - making it all happens.... happy behind the scenes All categories are important and they serve a different purpose.  Sometimes it's really clear which role feels good.  It's natural, and there's flow.  Other times you have to pull a Rocky, and step into best writer, producer, actor and director.  You've experienced that, haven't you?  It's a bit overwhelming to wear so many hats and give a...
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