Motivation Monday:  Whats Your Healthy?

Motivation Monday: Whats Your Healthy?

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: What's Your Healthy Do Something Healthy Every Day What's Your Healthy PODCAST (download) Are you ready to be F.I.T.? It takes focus, determination, optimal health, a good support system.... so many factors to integrate into your life to have the clarity, confidence, stamina and motivation to consistently put yourself out there and experience success in your life and business. I've been in the fields of health, wellness and coaching for over 20 years. As a Transformation specialist, I've guided many people through situations they thought they'd never get out of.... like finally losing the 20+ pounds they've struggled with all their life, to recover from an illness or injury, to bring light back into their life after a traumatic event. Life is happening in big ways, every day. How can you keep yourself in the game?  By being F.I.T. - giving yourself the freedom to live life on your terms, integrating the best parts of you...
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Day 23: Small Changes, Big Results

Day 23:  Small Changes, Big Results What are some of the things you've had to work at to get results?  Getting up on a surfboard?  Healthier eating choices?  Being able to maneuver on roller blades or ice skates?  Exercising on a regular basis?  Anything that's worth having is worth working for, and being Healthy is something to strive for! Begin to notice all the great things that have been happening for you over the past few weeks. If you've been keeping up with your journal, check back to see some of your 'Aha's' and thoughts on keeping up with your goals.  What was the biggest thing on your mind coming into 2011 that you wanted to change for yourself?  Is it still valid?  Are you growing stronger with your determination to achieve your goals? Take a second to be grateful for all you have going for you Right Now.  It isn't about where you've been in the past or what you think you...
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