Be True, Be Cool

"If you ain't part of the game then how can you find  a solution" ~ Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz has a point. You can't do anything to change your life if you don't give yourself a reality check..... to take that deep, hard look at yourself. To take a time out for a soul session. To explore your heart, your dreams and your values. To see things for what they really are. For who you really are. Cruise past your past, past your B.S. & language yourself in now. Go There Sometimes it plain out sucks to 'go there'. Eventually you know it's the thing to do. A life of pain & putting on that 'face' to family, friends and clients is getting harder and harder. Somehow, bucking up has to be easier. Somehow, the cost of solving your problem will be priceless when you're finally free and clear and Rockn' your life out again. Reset Your Heart This is your time. Your time to...
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Day 6: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

"A picture is worth a thousand words" You've heard that phrase many times throughout your lifetime, and it's true.  It only takes One strong image to sink in..... to live in your body, in your heart, in your mind, of what's possible for you.  Behind all the procrastinating, and doubt, and boo hooing, you know what potential lives inside of you.  NOW is your time to shine!  Bring your Fitness Goals to Life. Dig through your old childhood photos, peruse your magazines or do a google search and find the One thing that stands out for you.  Your Victory dance.  Your image that makes your heart sing!  Where are you going to be in 25 days?  At the end of February?  At the end of June?  At the end of December 2011? Find your sweet spot....... post your image where you can see it everyday.  Absorb it, visualize it, tattoo it.  Let it live in your body, in your heart.  You...
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