★ROCK STAR MONDAY★:  PETER FRAMPTON Peter Frampton had one of the most popular 'live' albums ever.  It all started when he was 7 and taught himself to play guitar.  As he Rock'd into his teens, he was playing jazz, blues and Rock.  What are the chances he's hook up with a Rolling Stone? Pretty high.  At 16 he met Bill Wyman who was the manager of The Preachers at the time.  From there he went on to The Herd and Humble Pie before going solo.   Show Me The Way Do you ever feel like you lost your way?  It can seem like an overwhelming challenge to get it back... kind of like trying to punch your way out of a wet paper bag.  Maybe you've heard the Japanese Proverb, 'fall down 7, get up 8.'  How many times have you had to pick yourself off the ground? What do you do for your Rockspiration? What are some of your 'go tos' that bring you back...
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