★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: BRUNO MARS I just love this guy! Bruno Mars is so much fun - he has fantastic energy, and he's really been spinning out some great songs for the past couple years. He's super talented.... he definitely Rocks his Genius..... he sings, dances, writes, and plays several instruments. Did you see him on the Grammy's? He led an awesome tribute to Bob Marley! I love you just the way you are Don't try to fix yourself.  There comes a point where you need some change in your life.... you outgrow things, people & yourself.  It doesn't mean you need to be fixed! It just means there's more of you to share - with yourself and others. So, you take a look and see where in your life you'd like to see things happening. It may just be some minor tweaking, it may be more than that. For the 'more than that', know I'm always here for that, and reach out...
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