Energize & Transform….. Just Breathe!  [RYL TV Episode #2]

Energize & Transform….. Just Breathe! [RYL TV Episode #2]

Energize & Transform..... Just Breathe! [RYL TV Episode #2] Here's the thing... every time you stress yourself out, you're affecting your whole system. You're probably unaware of it because you're so sucked into what's at hand. You're distracted. stressin' & ain't payin' attention - no bueno! Quick, what do you do?! Don't give into the chaos.... the traffic, the co-worker, the kids - whatever it is that seems chaotic at the moment. Center yourself. Just pull back, and start breathing. ENERGIZE YOURSELF.... START BREATHING! Once you bring yourself into awareness, it becomes that easy. Snap! - instant Transformation. Now you're ready to Rock and step back in with the kids, the co-worker, traffic.. whatever it was and just be part of the Soulution. There isn't any need to get spun out. The situation doesn't dictate to you - you feed the situation with your energy. It's up to you to decide if you want to give it something delectable and have a party...
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★: SLASH SLASH is one of the greatest R★CK guitarists of all time.   Born in the UK,  Slash lived there with his father and paternal grandparents until the age of 5.  He and his father then joined his mother, who had moved to L.A. to pursue her career as a designer.  Fighting, seperation, and alcohol split his parents and he became a 'problem child.'  When his mother went on the road, he stayed with her mother, whom he loved and felt grounded by.   As a teen, Slash was influenced by Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, Ted Nugent and Black Sabbath.  A BMX champion, he gave it up after taking guitar lessons and listening to his teacher play Led Zeppelin and Cream.  He practiced up to 12 hours a day.  He joined his first band at 17, and formed his own 2 years later.    Guns N' Roses This L.A. based band played all the local favorites...... The Troubador, Whiskey and The Roxy, as...
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★:  PETER FRAMPTON Peter Frampton had one of the most popular 'live' albums ever.  It all started when he was 7 and taught himself to play guitar.  As he Rock'd into his teens, he was playing jazz, blues and Rock.  What are the chances he's hook up with a Rolling Stone? Pretty high.  At 16 he met Bill Wyman who was the manager of The Preachers at the time.  From there he went on to The Herd and Humble Pie before going solo.   Show Me The Way Do you ever feel like you lost your way?  It can seem like an overwhelming challenge to get it back... kind of like trying to punch your way out of a wet paper bag.  Maybe you've heard the Japanese Proverb, 'fall down 7, get up 8.'  How many times have you had to pick yourself off the ground? What do you do for your Rockspiration? What are some of your 'go tos' that bring you back...
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★:  METALLICA 32 years in the music industry and Metallica is still going strong with a fan following which does not show signs of disappearing soon and a possible movie in the making. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, the two remaining original members seem to have gotten their formula right – music matters, fans matter, relationships matter. Other than that, nothing else matters. The band faced bereavement on September 27th 1986 during the European leg of the band’s Damage, Inc. Tour when their tour bus skidded and the driver lost control near Dorarp in Sweden. Cliff Burton died in this tragic accident and the future of the band was at stake. The band members felt that Burton would have wanted them to continue making music and with the blessing of Burton’s family, they looked for a replacement. Of the nearly 40 people who auditioned, it was Jason Newsted who was chosen to replace Burton. Relationships matter to Metallica and in 1987,...
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★ROCK STAR MONDAY★:  LINDA PERRY   Linda Perry had a creative edge when she was a kid. Her father was a musician and her mother was a designer and model. Along with having a musical and artistic household, Linda also battled kidney disease and later an addiction problem. In her teens she focused on music and played around San Diego in cover bands. At 20 she decided to head to San Francisco. She became known as the 'girl with the loud voice' and played on many street corners. She also bussed tables, flipped pizzas and checked coats. She didn't have much but her guitar and voice. She spent hours holed up in her tiny apartment singing, writing and playing her guitar. She played coffee houses and clubs in the Bay area. Eventually she was spotted by someone who had a band. Linda's break came when she was heard by 4 Non Blondes founder Christa Hillhouse. It would take several years and many negotiations to...
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