RYL365:  What’s Your Medium

RYL365: What’s Your Medium

Become a subscriber to Rock Your Life 365, click here what's your medium rock your life 365 What is it like to not just live your life.... but to Rock it. To really own your experiences, 'good' or 'bad.' To allow each life experience to shape you and know yourself better. To become more of who you are. GO. what's your happy medium If a painter has a canvas, a writer has paper & a musician has silence, what is your starting point for magnificence {!firstname_fix}?! Do you have a muse? What Rocks you into your Higher Vibe? Everyone has a different way of getting there.... everyone has the potential - are you living up to yours? KEITH RICHARDS IMDB TRIVIA ★Was voted the 10th greatest guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine ★He has worn a skull ring on the third finger of his right hand since the early 1970's, reminding himself "that we are all the same beneath the surface ★The 2009...
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