Motivation Monday:  Are You Ready To Fly

Motivation Monday: Are You Ready To Fly

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Are You Ready To Fly 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Jump! If anyone had said to me you'd be jumping out of a plane, I'd say you're crazy!  Well, it's happening in one week - the countdown is on.  It hasn't been a bucket list item, a burning desire, or even something I've ever really wanted to do.  As I was approaching my birthday, I did want to do something big to Celebrate my life.  A skydive is what appeared in my inbox, and I said 'YES' to it.  It was a decision that was made confidently and quickly. Am I afraid of heights?  I have been in the past.  The highest I've gotten off the ground was zip-lining in Mexico a few years ago.  Funny thing is, height hasn't been an issue. Why?  My intention and place I said 'YES' from didn't arise from fear.  My desire and decision came...
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Dream Big – Day 1 of ★ 30 Days of Rockspiration ★

DREAM BIG When you were a kid, what was the biggest dream you had for yourself? Did you get it?  Are you still working on it?  Did you ditch it?  Did other ones take its place? You can be a daydream believer - it isn't ever too late to bring forward what's in your heart and imagination. So as long as you're gonna dream........ Go Big - put your full vision into the picture and be specific.... don't skimp on anything! Be Realistic - know your potential and what is truly possible for you and allow a reasonable time period for it to unfold Believe - you have to be rock solid..... surrounding yourself with people who believe in you helps too What is your Rock Star Dream?  Go big on this one - pump it up!  Leave your comment below   ★ Be True, Be Cool You've got to stand in harmony with who you are.  You may have done it somebody else's way for a while... how did that work...
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