Motivation Monday: Live On Purpose

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Live On Purpose Listen now! It's really easy to get away from goals and dreams, isn't it? Life has a way of carrying you away - sometimes in a completely different direction. The more F.I.T. you are, the easier it is to stay in flow.... to be in your present moments, and live on purpose. What are some of the goals you've strayed away from? Are they business related, or personal? How can you reel yourself back in?! What if you had the power to integrate your current daily living with your dreams and goals? How can you live your life on purpose? Here are 3 tips for you....... 1. Get excited about a new direction...... you've been thinking about it for a long time - now it's time to get in action!  Who's holding you accountable?!  What is the best way for you to go forward - have you given yourself guidelines?   2. Step into your...
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Motivation Monday:  90 Minutes

Motivation Monday: 90 Minutes

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here   Motivation Monday: 90 Minutes As you head back into another week, be sure to schedule your breaks! It's really important to change your energy state every 90 minutes or so while you're working.  With the acceleration of technology and high demands of new working conditions, it's important to get away from all the screens - phone, computer, tablet, TV.  Changing your state every 90 minutes allows you an opportunity for renewal.  To really be in your now.  Get in touch with what you're missing and integrate a break to tap into your human element. If you're relying on energy drinks and other caffeine sources to 'stay pumped,' you aren't doing your body any good.  You will get a better response by allowing yourself to maintain your body's basic rhythm with 90 minute intervals.  Get out of 'crash & fidget' mode - give your body what it needs!  Try it....... you'll be more productive, and you'll like it. ...
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Motivation Monday:  Worth It

Motivation Monday: Worth It

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday:  Worth It Is anything worth having easy?! The truth is, you make your own struggles. When you begin anything that's new, from a diet to a new job, along with the excitement of change, there may be just a little bit of resistance. As you begin to get in flow, it does get easier, even when the bumps come up! Sure you have days of challenge, you just handle it differently because you're more in flow and grounded. You develop a confidence that allows you to excel and stay on course. How do you get that rock solid confidence? 1.  Action - make a plan..... yes, it's that easy! 2.  Consistency - have good follow through so you can stay the course 3.  Support - whether things are running smoothly or getting bumpy, it's good to have accountability & assurance What is 'Worth It'? Share your comment in the section below BREAKTHROUGH Say YES! to Your Life...
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Motivation Monday:  Whats Your Healthy?

Motivation Monday: Whats Your Healthy?

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: What's Your Healthy Do Something Healthy Every Day What's Your Healthy PODCAST (download) Are you ready to be F.I.T.? It takes focus, determination, optimal health, a good support system.... so many factors to integrate into your life to have the clarity, confidence, stamina and motivation to consistently put yourself out there and experience success in your life and business. I've been in the fields of health, wellness and coaching for over 20 years. As a Transformation specialist, I've guided many people through situations they thought they'd never get out of.... like finally losing the 20+ pounds they've struggled with all their life, to recover from an illness or injury, to bring light back into their life after a traumatic event. Life is happening in big ways, every day. How can you keep yourself in the game?  By being F.I.T. - giving yourself the freedom to live life on your terms, integrating the best parts of you...
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Motivation Monday:  A Lotus Grows In The Mud

Motivation Monday: A Lotus Grows In The Mud

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: A Lotus Grows In The Mud Open Your Petals, One by One You can learn a lot from the former 60's 'IT' girl.  At this stage of the game, you're probably ready to move out of all the turmoil, pain and fear in your life.  Am I right? There is a point in your life that it's time to move on - to open your petals.  Which petals are wide open?  Is it your career? Health? Finances? Relationships? Beliefs? Alignments? Creating your own business comes with it's ups and downs.  It takes a lot of hours.... sometimes at the expense of your health or relationships.  It puts you to the test every day... pushing buttons and causing you to face your fears and insecurities. What are some of the foundations you've built in the mud? Have you loosened up a little to allow your roots to pull out of the mud? How have you been able...
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