★ROCK STAR MONDAY★:  METALLICA 32 years in the music industry and Metallica is still going strong with a fan following which does not show signs of disappearing soon and a possible movie in the making. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, the two remaining original members seem to have gotten their formula right – music matters, fans matter, relationships matter. Other than that, nothing else matters. The band faced bereavement on September 27th 1986 during the European leg of the band’s Damage, Inc. Tour when their tour bus skidded and the driver lost control near Dorarp in Sweden. Cliff Burton died in this tragic accident and the future of the band was at stake. The band members felt that Burton would have wanted them to continue making music and with the blessing of Burton’s family, they looked for a replacement. Of the nearly 40 people who auditioned, it was Jason Newsted who was chosen to replace Burton. Relationships matter to Metallica and in 1987,...
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