This Week’s RESET:  Support

This Week’s RESET: Support

SUPPORT There were quite a few people who showed up for me last week, and I want to say thank you! It feels wonderful to be supported, and I really appreciate those of you who supported me by sharing my information for my book launch last week - we hit #1! And I'd like to especially thank those of you who decided to RESET - I look forward to our sessions. “No matter what you have, no matter your experience level, sometimes you just need a hand.”   ―Auliq Ice You feel so good when you show up for someone, don't you ? There's a sense of importance, closeness and love, isn't there? A connection that you make with yourself & whomever or whatever you're supporting. It's a win/win, and it inspires you to do more. Do you easily ask for support when you need it ? If not, why not? I understand how hard it can be. As someone who was raised to be...
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