Motivation Monday:  Forgiveness

Motivation Monday: Forgiveness

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here "I want to feel good" "I want to be at peace" "I want to feel connected" Those are some of the statements I've been hearing from clients lately. They feel they've reached a certain level of success and are frustrated they aren't able to reach their full potential. That their health is taking a hit. That there are areas of their life that feel imcomplete. That behind closed doors, they feel unhappy and disconnected. That there is a piece of themselves that's been missing. How about you? Would you like peace in your life? Would you like to be worry free and present in your moments, able to tap into your now? One of the most powerful steps you can make in your life is to stand back in your power. To re-connect with the piece of yourself you've neglected or abandoned, and you really aren't even sure why. Forgiveness is freedom. It is an important...
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