Motivation Monday:  Simplicity Leads To Purity

Motivation Monday: Simplicity Leads To Purity

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here "Ultimate simplicity leads to purity" - Yamamoto, Food Writer Jiro Ono is a world renowned sushi chef, a “Shokunin." His success is profiled in the documentary Jiro Dreams Of Sushi. At 86, Jiro still sees himself as still perfecting his craft. He approaches every day with the same precision. Understandably, you may want to be a little less rigid than Jiro. How can you maintain a daily practice and still give an encore performance like Jiro every day? I'll be revealing that in my forthcoming book, Rock Your Life 365: How To Give An Encore Performance Every Day. For now, begin writing out all the things you do on a regular basis, and if they're working for you, keep doing them! Outcome - as you look ahead into 2015, what do you see for yourself. At the end of January, what have you accomplished? Cruise through your year, month by month, and zoom to the end...
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