Motivation Monday:  $29 Brouhaha

Motivation Monday: $29 Brouhaha

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here $29 Brouhaha This past week, actor/activist Gwyneth Paltrow got some serious heat when Rock Star chef Mario Batali challenged her to food shop using only $29 in a bid to raise awareness and money for the Food Bank For NYC.  The city of NY is in a food crisis.  Rather than focusing on someone's financial status and rip them for that, the real question is, what is NY going to do... and more importantly raise awareness around it.  Which is exactly what has been happening.  Even though there has been a lot of bashing, Gwyneth did take the challenge and it has raised awareness.  You can read her account of it here. At an earlier point in my life when I decided to move from RI to CA  I was on a stricter budget all the way around.  I chose to eat healthily and ate the same thing every day.  Now that I think of...
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Day 13: Grab your CPFs & let’s get it on!

Day 13:  Carbs, Protein, Fat - get it on Ok...  2 weeks in and it's time to get it on!   The more consistent you can be with your food intake, the better your results will be.  Choosing 'good' carbs/protein/fat will set your body in motion for better energy,  elimination and help you lose fat. Let's put a positive spin on this....... focus on being healthy and eating well.  Have more energy and feel great - that's what I'm talking about!  Pay attention to what's going on with your body when you eat.  Eat slowly, enjoy your food, let it digest.  Finding foods that agree with you and energize you may be a little 'trial and error' at first.  Are you tired, still hungry, bloated, gaseous, energized?  Take notice and stay with what makes you feel good! Here are some ways to keep on track with your nutrition: have 'staple' items handy - keep a couple of pieces of grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, yogurt,...
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Day 10: Carbohydrates (C) that will turbo fuel

Day 10 - Carbohydrates (C) that will turbo fuel Day 10...... already!  Let's put some focus on your Nutrition - I'm sure it's something many of you have set goals around.  Today's focus is Carbohydrates.  Here are some examples of foods in this group: WHOLE GRAINS:  will make you feel full longer, provide more nutrients (good source of potassium & magnesium) and probably fiber (read your label). Sources:  Whole wheat or whole grain bread, pitas, tortillas, rolls, crackers, muffins, waffles, pancakes.  Barley, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, oatmeal. VEGETABLES:  Wrap it, steam it, stir fry it!  Also, put in soups or salads. Sources:  Green leafy (kale, spinach, arugula, escarole, romaine, broccoli), tomatoes, red & green peppers, sweet potatoes, artichokes, brussels sprouts, eggplant, beets, green beans, zucchini, cabbage, asparagus. FRUIT:  Dice it, cube it, skewer it, mix it.  Also, great in cereal, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Sources:  Berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), orange, grapefruit, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple, red grapes, honeydew, cherries, cantaloupe, mangos, papaya, raisins. LIMIT THESE CARBS:  white/starchy...
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