Motivation Monday:  42, 37, 21

Motivation Monday: 42, 37, 21

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: 42, 37, 21 42, 37, 21 - these numbers could be..... called out by the quarterback in the line of scrimmage digits for a safe containing a million dollars in diamonds the age of a 61 year old man's children What those numbers actually represent is the Red Chair location at Fenway Park. Did you know that Ted Williams hit the longest home run at Fenway? It was 502 feet and made Fenway history June 9, 1946. Eventually it was commemorated in Red and is now a picture favorite for fans. What is your winning combination for..... your business your health your relationships If you don't have a winning combination and you keep striking out, it's time for you to get F.I.T. - enter your info below for a F.I.T. Consultation and a strategy for your Red Chair Get F.I.T.  Say YES! to Your Life expand into more and have a BIG breakthrough. Know who you are, how you want to...
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