★Motivation Monday:  Kickn’ Ass

★Motivation Monday: Kickn’ Ass

    ★Motivation Monday: Kickn' Ass Exercise is the most potent & underutilized antidepressant ★ Are you kickn' ass or do you feel like you're getting your ass kicked Are you bringing your 'A' game Are you present - with peace & clarity Is your heart open & ready to receive Fighting the Fight Do you feel like every move you make is met with resistance? Is it hard for you to stay out of a 'story'? Are you in shutdown - overeating, having 1 too many cocktails or vegging out? When you're stuck in those 'lower vibes,' feeling anxious, worried and spinning old thoughts/emotions leading to old behaviors/habits, it seems almost impossible to do anything else.  Having the awareness that you're in that space is a step in the right direction. Literally. According to a Harvard Medical study on people with mild to moderate depression Exercise's effects last longer than antidepressants People who exercise regularly are less likely to slip back into depression Will notice a mood...
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★Motivation Monday:  Intention is Everything

★Motivation Monday: Intention is Everything

    ★Motivation Monday:  Intention is everything Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?  If you did, there's an 80% chance it included getting in shape.  What is the #1 reason you want to get in shape?  Is it to.... look good, feel sexy & Rock your love life get rid of all the aches & pains that have built up give yourself better self care enhance your physical & emotional well being increase your energy & self confidence In the above examples there's more meaning than a flat "I want to lose 5 pounds."  When you consciously and deliberately make decisions, you have a better outcome in manifesting what you want.  If you're on 'auto pilot' and just 'winging it,' chances are you'll get more of the same of what you already have. More than looking good Winning is everything to an athlete.  Taking care of themselves supports their passion.  Their mindset is on performance and personal best.... always pulling in to go forward.  When they're off their mark,...
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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Help Boost Your $$$

Stay on top of your game 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Help Boost Your $$$ Who wouldn't always want an extra wad of cash to go out and do something fun with?! The real key to tapping into the moolah is to stay on top of your game.  How do you do that, you ask?  Follow these 3 Tips to 'up your game' and make more $$$: 1.  Expand your Mind~ get into the mindset of thinking, speaking and behaving like a pro.  Explore new concepts in areas that interest you.  Listen to the people who are at the top of their game, and emulate what you resonate with.  "Success can be learned and it leaves tracks. The great news is that you can follow the tracks of successful people to arrive at your ultimate destination" ~ Brian Tracy, Ultimate Success Expert 2.  Fuel your Drive ~ you won't get anywhere on junk food, lack of sleep and high stress levels.  If you're eating crap, you'll...
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Exercise at 40+

Exercise at 40+ Now that I'm in my 40s, I'm finding I don't have to 'kill it' every time I work out, lol.  I'm glad I went all out in my late 20s/early 30s (pre injuries) - I really gained a great foundation and muscle memory.  I had the ambition, energy and time to do it, and it served me well.  Now when I lift, I still train with intensity and have some great lifting sessions, but it doesn't have to be 4 days a week.  I suppose what's really changed is intention and energy. Key areas at this stage of my life are nutrition, movement, mobility and stress management.  I know what to eat on a daily basis - it's a no brainer.  When I go to a party, event or restaurant, I enjoy what's at hand in bite size pieces.  I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, and find joy in where I am and what I'm eating. When...
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