RESET:  Resilience

RESET: Resilience

Most people think you're born with resilience.  You aren't.  It comes after your stress.... as you recover. Illness, job transition, divorce, debt and losses are all forms of adversity that can knock someone to the ground.  What is the worst experience you have had in life? Do you feel you've made a complete recovery?  Use these questions as a guide to gauge your success.  If you answer yes to 2 or more, it's time to RESET. Do you manage your emotions well? Are you able to easily pull in your focus and stay focused? How often do you feel empowered? Where in your life do you still feel like a victim? How efficiently do you solve problems How social are you? Do you have resourceful coping skills? Are you easily meeting the goals you set for yourself? RESET and become more resilient FREE 20-Minute Guided Meditation For Stress Relief If you have any questions, please reach out. My office phone is 424-262-0348, or you may email ©Paula D'Andrea June 5 2016 ...
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Step Into Your Alignment  [RYL TV #59]

Step Into Your Alignment [RYL TV #59]

"How can I be so out of whack?!" That's a question one of my client's brought up in her session recently. She couldn't believe something she had set out to do still hadn't been done, and it was a year later.  Here she was, stuck in the same spot - unfulfilled, unhealthy... out of whack, unhappy.  My response?  Good!  That meant she was ready to address what was really missing in her life.  Alignment.  That connection to her heart and inner voice that kept her in touch with her values.  It is her time to get F.I.T. and bring herself back to the life.  Are you ready to be your F.I.T.? It's really easy for time to slip away, right? You get caught up in your day to day, and before you know it, BAM!, time has marched on.  Sometimes a lot of time, right?! Before you start getting down on yourself about it, hold up. There isn’t any fixing to do… no...
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