Motivation Monday:  Serving Our Nation

Motivation Monday: Serving Our Nation

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Thank You For Your Service Motivation Monday: Serving Our Nation This could be your kick-off to summer..... for many it's a way to pay tribute to their loved ones who have served in the military. Originally known as 'Decoration Day' after the Civil War to honor those who died in that war, it is now dedicated to all Americans who died in service. I'll take it a step further, and say salute all those who have served. Whether you have military ties or not, take a moment out of your day to reflect and be grateful for those willing to stand up and protect our country. To Serve Or Not To Serve It takes courage to defend a nation, and I am in deep awe of those who step up to defend our nation and our rights. Although my cousin Ray invited me to enlist on a few occasions, it wasn't my calling. Even with the woo...
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Motivation Monday:  Stop It

Motivation Monday: Stop It

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here APPROVAL = SELF LOVE You've been beating yourself up for years .... How's that workin' out for ya? Quit Beating Yourself Up! All that 'negative self talk' really is draining, isn't it? And, it will drive you crazy! Even though you've tried every alternative method possible to 'stop your insanity,' you still come back to the same place. It sucks. You've spent lots of money, and 'did the work.' You felt like 'you got it,' only to find yourself repeating the same patterns of self-sabotage and limiting behavior - angry at yourself and feeling like crap. It can be costing you a shot at love, loss of friendships, or advancement in your career. Most of all, you're restless, out of sorts, and in physical and emotional pain. Stop It! Here's a funny video featuring Bob Newhart. Sometimes it's good to laugh at ourselves to offer a new perspective and 'lighten up.' Approval Here's an opportunity to give yourself new dialogue...
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