★Motivation Monday:  Kickn’ Ass

★Motivation Monday: Kickn’ Ass

    ★Motivation Monday: Kickn' Ass Exercise is the most potent & underutilized antidepressant ★ Are you kickn' ass or do you feel like you're getting your ass kicked Are you bringing your 'A' game Are you present - with peace & clarity Is your heart open & ready to receive Fighting the Fight Do you feel like every move you make is met with resistance? Is it hard for you to stay out of a 'story'? Are you in shutdown - overeating, having 1 too many cocktails or vegging out? When you're stuck in those 'lower vibes,' feeling anxious, worried and spinning old thoughts/emotions leading to old behaviors/habits, it seems almost impossible to do anything else.  Having the awareness that you're in that space is a step in the right direction. Literally. According to a Harvard Medical study on people with mild to moderate depression Exercise's effects last longer than antidepressants People who exercise regularly are less likely to slip back into depression Will notice a mood...
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3 Steps into a New Perspecitive

There's that old adage of how you perceive yourself:  how you see yourself, how other's see you, and how you actually are! During my interview this morning on www.w4wn.com with Bonnie Kuhn, we covered a point about perception.  Putting it in context, we specifically spoke about my use of video work with client's in their VIP days.   Normally, I coach some pretty open minded people and they don't mind 'playing' with different techniques and ideas.  3 things come from this experience: the client is able to perceive their 'self' in a completely different context  they very quickly get past the judgement from their 'inner critic' they can more easily identify with who they really are, and how they come across This is very powerful work and gives my clients an opportunity to 'pop' in front of their very own eyes step more fully into themselves in a powerful way clarify the message they want to share in their business Bodacious!!   You can start Rockn' your own new...
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