Motivation Monday:  $29 Brouhaha

Motivation Monday: $29 Brouhaha

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here $29 Brouhaha This past week, actor/activist Gwyneth Paltrow got some serious heat when Rock Star chef Mario Batali challenged her to food shop using only $29 in a bid to raise awareness and money for the Food Bank For NYC.  The city of NY is in a food crisis.  Rather than focusing on someone's financial status and rip them for that, the real question is, what is NY going to do... and more importantly raise awareness around it.  Which is exactly what has been happening.  Even though there has been a lot of bashing, Gwyneth did take the challenge and it has raised awareness.  You can read her account of it here. At an earlier point in my life when I decided to move from RI to CA  I was on a stricter budget all the way around.  I chose to eat healthily and ate the same thing every day.  Now that I think of...
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Motivation Monday:  Create Change

Motivation Monday: Create Change

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Create Change Don't Wait For Time   Andy has some great insight here, doesn't he? You can't go back and change events or circumstances. Sure, after a big event, you may want to give yourself time - that's natural. The question is, how much time? And, are you waiting for that magic wand of time to make the change for you?  What if there is no event..... time has just been passing by and you have become complacent?  Hmmm.... sounds like it's truth time. When do you know it's time for you to move on?  You'll feel the internal pull, although it may be met with resistance.  What is that resistance about anyway?  Resistance is a sure sign you're ready for change.  That feeling you get is your inner thermostat letting you know it's time to get out of a comfort zone.  Let's say you've got your career in a good position, and now, you'd...
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Motivation Monday: Letting Go

    Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here   What is one thing you are ready to Let Go of? Motivation Monday: Letting Go There are times it can seem that you are losing ground...... in your work, your relationships, even within yourself. It becomes a struggle and source of stress for many. It doesn't have to be a struggle.  As a matter of fact, it can be a source of change and bring new flow into your life when you let it. Are you ready? There is movement to everything - why would you want things to remain the same?  In most of my coaching sessions, I find what stresses most of my clients is inner conflict - with time, family, guilt, honor and truth. Let's face it, it isn't an easy thing to say, "this isn't part of my life anymore." It's especially hard to say when you've been in the same job, relationship position - same life - for a really long...
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Let’s raid your kitchen!

Let's raid your kitchen! In observance of National Nutrition Month, March 2011, let's explore your kitchen. Ah, where to start first, lol.  Do you spend more time in your fridge or your cupboards?  If you are like most people, your fridge is the first place you nose around when you're hungry.  Cruising the fridge and cabinets can be a dangerous occupation, be organized! Let's take a look at what's in your fridge, how it's laid out.  Is there clutter in your fridge?!  Do you have outdated items?  A distinct odor? (gross!)  Is everything all piled up? If so, clean it out!  Just as it is an unhealthy practice to have clutter around your home, your fridge is no different.  After all, this is the place you are seeking to fuel your body from! You should be able to readily see and access your food.  It becomes much simpler when it's stocked well.  If you have compartments for fruit, veggies, meats, etc. - use them. ...
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