Motivation Monday:  Change Is Inevitable

Motivation Monday: Change Is Inevitable

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Isn't it better to be in flux than resistance?  It's all in your attitude, isn't it.  When things are good, they're good!  When things are bad, they're bad.  And you know that either situation can change with your focus.  You have the ability to turn things around.  It doesn't ever seem quick enough when things are in a down turn, does it?    Change is inevitable.  The more conscious and aware you are though, the more you'll notice - especially your thoughts & behavior.  When stuff comes up, good or bad, it's useful to be able to identify what's old and usesless. The key is to re-set your mindset where you need it, and start applying it.  It may take some getting used to, especially if you have been set in your ways and resistant to change.   Notice when you feel stressed by change - what are your triggers? Do you begin to panic and...
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Motivation Monday:  Create Change

Motivation Monday: Create Change

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Create Change Don't Wait For Time   Andy has some great insight here, doesn't he? You can't go back and change events or circumstances. Sure, after a big event, you may want to give yourself time - that's natural. The question is, how much time? And, are you waiting for that magic wand of time to make the change for you?  What if there is no event..... time has just been passing by and you have become complacent?  Hmmm.... sounds like it's truth time. When do you know it's time for you to move on?  You'll feel the internal pull, although it may be met with resistance.  What is that resistance about anyway?  Resistance is a sure sign you're ready for change.  That feeling you get is your inner thermostat letting you know it's time to get out of a comfort zone.  Let's say you've got your career in a good position, and now, you'd...
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Are you Rockn’ the best version of you?

"As a Rock Star, I have two instincts, I want to have fun, and I want to change the world.  I have a chance to do both."  ~ Bono   INSTINCT 1: a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity (Merriam Webster Dictionary)   As a person with Rock Star qualities, are you Rockn' the best version of you, ? Do you feel you are doing as much as you can to nourish your soul and begin each day with a clean slate How 'natural' are you?  Are you the 'real deal'.... true & cool? What are your inherent aptitudes?  How do you use them? When was the last time you really acted on your impulse & followed your instinct? FUN Do you have a smile on your face right now just from seeing the word fun?!  Did that smile spread throughout your body?  Did a specific image come to mind?  An activity?  Do you have a bucket list, 'live' list or play list?    Take a look - how...
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Damn! Did I say that?!

Are you even aware of the shit that comes out of your mouth...... the thoughts that pop in your head...... the things you do?  Get with the program!! Now is your time to be noticing all the little things you do, like saying "I'm so stupid", without a second thought.  Is that really what you think of yourself.  Probably not, but you've programmed yourself with these automatic responses, and now they're pretty much like breathing to you. Are you writing this stuff down?!  If not, indulge yourself in this exercise of 'keeping track'.  You will be surprised at what you uncover.  Once you know what you're saying and doing, you'll be able to make some changes.  Check back in to find out how you can begin to make these changes & giving yourself a better message!...
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You have the Power to Change – Customize Your Soul

Do you feel like your falling a little flat on the Spiritual front?  Maybe the things that used to have meaning for you, aren't quite cutting it anymore.  Get ready to Customize Your Soul! Ask yourself a couple of quick questions: Where do I feel I struggle greatly What makes me smile I can easily spend 2 or more hours ______ (fill in the blank) How do I show up in the world Ok....... now you've got some juice - woo hoo!  Everyone, especially you, will benefit from you being the best You possible.  It's natural that your tolerance levels change as you go through life.  Pay attention & keep up!  The key is to constantly fuel you with what you need.  Here's where the answers to your questions come in. If you know where you struggle, you can make a decision to change.  It's you who gets to the root cause of everything.  You have the power of choice, you have the power to change. ...
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