Motivation Monday:  Sweet As Honey

Motivation Monday: Sweet As Honey

Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here Motivation Monday: Sweet As Honey Have you ever bought a jar of honey?  Most likely, you'll respond yes.  Whether you use it daily or it sits on your shelf for a while, the lid gets stuck.  It just happens. Everyone has a different solution to get that jar of honey open.  Some people will run the jar under hot water, while others will bang it on the counter - anything to get it to open! Once you get it open, that honey tastes so good, doesn't it?!  You can spread it on some toast with peanut butter, let it drip into your tea or drizzle it over some manchego cheese - yum! Am I saying you're as sweet as honey and have the yummy factor?  You betchya!  Everyone has a comfort zone somewhere in their life. For some it's their body, while others experience it in relationships or their career and other areas.  That's why it's...
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