This Week’s RESET:  Risk Failure To Gain Success

This Week’s RESET: Risk Failure To Gain Success

Hello Rebel Renegade - are you ready to RESET & Rock another week?! RESET & Risk Simply.... what can you put on the table right now that will be the game changer in your life?  What is the one thing - that if you took the risk - would make the biggest difference in your life? Is it... Taking charge of your health after years of neglect Getting out of your head to reduce your stress Scaling your business to the level you know is possible Pursuing the love of your life Taking time off for a spiritual reset ©Paula D'Andrea. All Rights Reserved. ...
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Biking 101 If you haven't been on your bike in a while, choose a surface  that is fairly flat to build up  your stamina and endurance.  Practice your stroke while you are warming up - make smooth circles as you take your pedal through an entire revolution.  Once you are confident with your performance, add some hills or distance to your route to make your ride more challenging.    Check out these tips....... Get a tune up.  While at the bike shop, let them check your seat and handlebars to make sure they are adjusted properly for you.  Also, ask for some quik tips on using your gears correctly! Need to slow down?  Try the 'feathering technique' - place your hands at the end of the lever, and tap your brakes, applying intermittent pressure as you pedal down the hill. Aim for 60-80 RPMs.  What's your pace?  Count how many times...
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Can you imagine diving 25 feet or more?!  I watched a video of Guilluame Nery's Base Jump (click to watch) the other day, and found it compelling. Meant to be 'artistic' and not an actual dive, it certainly was gratifying for me on many levels, and certainly for the diver, Guilluame Nery and his girlfriend Julie Gautier filming it.  Accomplishment, adventure and excitement are all present, as well as feelings of peace, calm and harmony. To me these are elements present after a great workout.  A sense of accomplishment - the fact that you showed up, is one of the greatest feelings ever, so get excited!  Bringing out your 'personal best' is an essential factor in making healthy living part of your Lifestyle.  As you continue to challenge yourself and find yourself with boundless energy* and harmony, you will be encouraged to continue and seek new, challenging platforms. Treat yourself as a piece of art - originate a Masterpiece! * Many factors affect your...
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