Motivation Monday:  Original Thought

Motivation Monday: Original Thought

  Become a subscriber to Motivation Monday, click here 60,000 Thoughts A Day How many thoughts do you filter a day? It is estimated that you can have roughly 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts a day. Did you know that? Stop Re-hashing! Most of your daily thoughts are re-hashed negative thoughts. Are you ready for something new?! Simple daily practices will begin to stimulate your mind and get you out of the 'loops' you have a tendency to rely on. Change up your daily patterns and make some room to let more original thoughts come through..... journal in the morning - let your thoughts flow stretch for blood flow & oxygen drink green - tea or smoothies - it'll clear your head do the opposite - use your non-dominant hand for eating & opening doors go for a walk..... notice something new & take a picture get a positive influence - visit laugh & goof around - jiggle your brain & create a new physiology dance, dance,...
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