Points of View That Really Count

Diana Hart

"Sometimes all it takes it one word, one phrase to make one ‘snap out of it’!  After my sessions with Paula with many ‘ah –ha’ moments, and many tears, one day it all made sense, “step into yourself”… Thank you, Paula."

Diana Hart, Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Troy Hoffman

“Paula helped me clear
multiple blocks around
my health, my mindset
& goals to get me back
to my desk & ready for
my next step."

Troy Hoffman, Founder | CEO, Simpluris Inc
Paula Simmons

"Paula is . . . well, they broke the mold. You may call her a "life coach," a "success coach"; none of those labels do her justice. She is a zen-rock, beautiful gift of knowledge, spirituality, support, intuition, and wonder.”

Paula Simmons, Media & Publishing Consultant
Nancy Olson

"During our first call, Paula told me to expect a breakthrough in my thinking. It happened, and it was enough for me to make a commitment to work with her. I could tell Paula would be diligent, yet not in a "do this or I'll kick your ass" sort of way. We connected, I felt comfortable, and knew she could serve as a guide for me."

Nancy Olson, Executive Director and VP of Leadership Programs at LA Area Chamber of Commerce at Southern California Leadership Network
Patrick Jordan

“Paula is a great motivator and is creative. Throw in her fitness background, and ‘poof!’ you’ve got the whole package to accomplish your goals on many levels.”

Patrick Jordan, Principal at Patrick Stewart Properties | Palm Springs, CA
Victoria Pynchon

Paula has something special about her. She brings an awareness level, a mindfulness and a spiritual quality I try to hide... I don't talk about that very much because I'm a commercial negotiator. The spirit element is critical to everything I do, and Paula brings that same spirit to everything she does... so there's a resonance between us.”

Victoria Pynchon, Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant | She Negotiates Consulting & Training | Los Angeles, CA
Tony Travostino

Paula was great at helping me realize the goals we set up together and great at motivating me to get through our program. And to top it off she was fun to spend time with.

Tony Travostino, Principal at Mediapolis, inc.
Lory Dean

“Ok, so after working and working... and working with Paula and getting over amazing crap in my life, I finally step out with the utmost confidence in myself and the material I write. Thank you Paula D’Andrea for not allowing me to give up on myself!”

Lory Dean , That Dean Girl | Los Angeles, CA
Steve Fox

Paula was very important in getting me focused!  And she is great at motivation, as well as being very disciplined, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Steve Fox, TBC Appraisal, Inc.| C21 Select Commercial Real Estate | Los Angeles, CA
Adela Rubio Adela Rubio, Expert Tribe Builder | Joint Venture Strategist

I've worked with Paula this year and appreciate her laser ability to hone in on what's important. Her intuitive abilities to cut through the crap, and her deep and joyful soul will make you feel cared for like never before. She's also irreverent and a hoot... so you'll have fun, too!”

Paul Persofsky Paul Persofsky, Communication Expert

"Paula really helped me integrate wellness into my life. I've tried many times to achieve some discipline in this area but always fell back into my lazy ways.  Paula gave me enough structure at the start so that I didn't have to think too much.  Now I  have a system that works for me.  And all this happened over the telephone and Skype!

I highly recommend Paula as a knowledgeable and compassionate advisor for your journey to wellness and success."

Can somebody say RESET!!! When I met with Paula, I had no idea what to expect. I was lead down an amazing path that RESET, my whole life. Through her guidance, I was able to go deep and discover things that I didn't know existed within myself, and with this discovery, I found what was holding me back from living a completely free life. I felt devalued, intimidated and I gave up my voice. After meeting with Paula, I've stopped self sabotaging myself and I took my POWER back. I thought I was seeking help for one reason, but after Paula's guidance, I received so much more. I highly recommend Paula to anyone who needs their lives RESET.

Vicki 3.0!

Vicki L. Baker CPC, CELC, CEO/Founder Create Beyond Coaching | Certified Professional Life Purpose Coach | Certified Executive Leadership Coach