There were quite a few people who showed up for me last week, and I want to say thank you! It feels wonderful to be supported, and I really appreciate those of you who supported me by sharing my information for my book launch last week – we hit #1! And I’d like to especially thank those of you who decided to RESET – I look forward to our sessions.

“No matter what you have, no matter your experience level, sometimes you just need a hand.”   ―Auliq Ice

You feel so good when you show up for someone, don’t you ? There’s a sense of importance, closeness and love, isn’t there? A connection that you make with yourself & whomever or whatever you’re supporting. It’s a win/win, and it inspires you to do more.

Do you easily ask for support when you need it ? If not, why not? I understand how hard it can be. As someone who was raised to be independent, and who has been taking care of herself for most of her life, it has been challenging to ask for anything. And it can be just as challenging knowing what to ask for.

How about showing up for yourself? What are some of the things you to do to support yourself – mentally, physically, emotionally? These are some good questions to journal with. Should you need any help, you know how to reach me.

3 Ways I Showed Up This Week:
1. As a supportive JV & contributing author for Debra Faris’s book launch of LinkedIn For Baby Boomers
2. Chaperoning at Hancock School’s 5th grade field trip
3. To support friends Catherine & Scott Williams 60th “Shane’s Inspiration” playground


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