“How can I be so out of whack?!”

That’s a question one of my client’s brought up in her session recently. She couldn’t believe something she had set out to do still hadn’t been done, and it was a year later.  Here she was, stuck in the same spot – unfulfilled, unhealthy… out of whack, unhappy.  My response?  Good!  That meant she was ready to address what was really missing in her life.  Alignment.  That connection to her heart and inner voice that kept her in touch with her values.  It is her time to get F.I.T. and bring herself back to the life.  Are you ready to be your F.I.T.?

It’s really easy for time to slip away, right? You get caught up in your day to day, and before you know it, BAM!, time has marched on.  Sometimes a lot of time, right?!

Before you start getting down on yourself about it, hold up. There isn’t any fixing to do… no blame, no shame… nothing to dredge up. Just you, looking at yourself with love, renewal and self-ownership.  Time for you to take that look at some areas of your life that have been neglected, like your health, finances, relationships or social circles.  Time to step past any limitations and really start living.

As a Transformation Specialist, I field a lot of questions, and in this episode, I’m going to give you some insight about how you can get into a better alignment with yourself and your life. That will help you Rock Your Life, won’t it?!


When is the last time you gave yourself time to have a little heart to heart, inside conversation. I know there’s a slew of thoughts running through your head every day. About 60,000! Lol. Many of them are recycled and every once in a while, a new one pops in.

How would you like to have more new, energetic, innovative thoughts on a daily basis. Ones that spark your creativity and shine your brilliance! A good place to start is with my FIT Guide. When you finish watching, visit pauladandrea.com/RYLTV for your copy. It’s FREE and it’s informative. It will start you in a new direction, especially if you’ve found yourself at a crossroad in life – separation, career transition, sudden loss, empty nest. In need of alignment.

What happens when you’re at a crossroad? Or that you find you just haven’t been living the way you’ve really wanted to because fear or circumstances got in the way. There could be just one little thing lingering from your past. Something that intermittently shows up, throwing you off track with your work, in your relationships or your health.

Getting to your core issue will allow you to release your past. Again, there isn’t any fixing to do… no blame, no shame… nothing to dredge up. Just you, looking at yourself with love, renewal and self-ownership. Free from your past – out of limiting beliefs and patterns to re-design your life. With a new perspective, you’ll move forward on a new path with clarity and confidence. In alignment.

So how do you get there?

To get into alignment, you’re going to look at the spectrum of you. When’s the last time you took time out for that? Use your FIT Guide, well, as a guide. And begin to explore which areas of your life you’re ready to tighten up. What’ the most important area to address that will bring you the best results overall in your life.

Your health could be one area that needs alignment. It’s important, right?! You want to have longevity, you want to reduce health risk factors like stress, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight. Those are all areas where you can effectively make changes. And it puts you in a better position for unalterable factors like age, family history and sex. Your sex, M or F, not having sex. Lol.

Another area could be your career. You may find you’re less and less interested in what you’re presently doing. You want to follow your passion and do something more lined up with your heart. That’s a bigger transformation and one to do with guidance and support.

Here’s an exercise for you. One, read through your FIT Guide. It may spark or stir up something that’s ready to pop. That has been swimming silently in you, and is ready to surface. 2, make a Timeline for yourself. Write out everything you can think of about your life – people, jobs, school, sports, concerts, dinners, birthdays, weddings, births, graduations, illnesses, accidents, injuries. Just go to town! You can fancy and graph it if you want, or simply list it all out, it’s up to you. I really want you to jog your memory a little, cuz there’s a lot of stuff up there, and you know a lot more than you think you know, so get to it. If you’d like some help, visit my website, pauladandrea.com/coach, and you can fill out the info there to get some time with me for a consultation.

Sometimes it just takes hearing or reading something to have the thought that will pop you out of your bubble. You have a magical life inside, even if you feel you’re on a good track, you may not be seeing it.

Did you ever imagine you’d find an expert who has life experience, expertise, and access to other professionals who can bring your into alignment and add more consistency to your life. You’ve found me! A lot of knowledge and creativity all rolled into one. That’s exactly what you’re going to keep getting on Rock Your Life TV – more ways to continue your expansion, knowledge and transformation in your life. Join our VIP list and pick up your FREE gift and pauladandrea.com/RYLTV. Visit the iTunes Store and download our latest podcast under Self Help in the podcast section. While you’re at it, if you’d leave me a review, I’d really appreciate it. You may also subscribe, comment and like on my YouTube channel, PAULADANDREA1. Have a Roku, find me under Health and Sciences. Whatever your viewing device is, we’ve got you covered!

Thanks so much for watching, and until next time, Rock Your Life!

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