There comes a time when you need a little Soul Play.  A chance to ‘clear the air’.
A chance to spill your guts, lose your shit…  bare your soul.  When you are able
to let go, you’ll free yourself of unwanted energy.

Spill it
What are the things you never say… that you hold back on?  Who do you need to say them to?  When you’re vision is clouded, and you are unable to see things differently, change won’t happen.  Many times you’ll hold back to reserve someone else’s feelings.  Noble?  Maybe.  Healthy?  HELL NO!
Keeping things in is really disruptive to your body, mind & soul.


Tap into your Energy
Have you ever thought about how much may be trapped at a cellular level?  Guess what….. all the unresolved issues, thoughts, shit you’ve never said, are stuck in your body…. still living in your  blood, your oxygen – your energy.  Organs and pathways are getting clogged.  Things get stagnant, illnesses arise….. anything from a sore throat, or flu, to something more serious.  Your physical pain is keeping you trapped – robbing you of your life force… causing you to lose focus.


Cleanse Your Soul
When you aren’t in the best of spaces, you may find yourself ‘losing it’ a little more often.  People and things you normally have a tolerance for are really pushing your buttons.  You feel like you’re gonna ‘snap’ every 2 seconds.  No bueno! 

The first place of forgiveness is yourself, leaving you open to joy, gratefulness and abundance.  You can begin your cleanse with taking responsibility for your co-creation in the circumstances of your life.  Whatever circumstance, with whomever you feel discordance (including yourself),  recite this beautiful Hawaiin prayer, the Ho’ponopono:   “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you”.  Repeat it silently and feel the resonance of Ho’ponopono within… where it’s creating space in your body, mind and soul.  Where it’s letting go of pain…. opening you up to love and a new level of Soul Play.  You’ll feel when you’re done.

Bring Your Dreams to Life
It is challenging to have a clear vision when your energy is going elsewhere.  When you lose focus….. everything around you suffers for it – your sanity, your health, your relationships, your business, your finances.  When it’s becoming more of a challenge for you to see things objectively, you need to take time out and ‘clear the air’.

Having an outside source to help you rewind and view another version of yourself  will help you re-frame how you are looking at things.  Being able to readjust your vision to life will give you new life and bring the changes you’ve been striving for.
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer


Soul Sessions
When things aren’t right in your world, you need a safe place to play…. your own oasis.  Experience your own Oasis in a Soul Session.  You’ll find the support you need – your space to ‘bare your soul’ – to bring you back to your heart set, in a safe and loving environment.
I have 10 ‘Soul Sessions’ available. Does one of them have your name on it?  Contact me, and let’s engage your soul.


Bonus  – Breathe…. your life just got easier
Find a quiet spot, light a candle, sip some tea, hug yourself & recite
your Ho’ponopono.  Nourish yourself into some Soul Play and

slip into a more comfortable version of you…….
Chillax….. inhale 4, hold 1, exhale 8, hold 4
Harmonize…… inhale 6, hold 2, exhale 6, hold 2
Electrify….. inhale 6, hold 6, exhale 6, hold 1
Bonus TrackKinobe – Slip Into Something More Comfortable


©Paula D’Andrea April 2012.  All rights reserved.

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