‘Keep breathing your dreams into Reality’

Are you being held hostage by any of these thoughts?

“If I’m so successful, why can’t I control my weight”
“I’ve got the brain & the looks – why can’t I find love?”
“I know I can do great things…… I just feel stuck”

I call them BUI’s (Behaving Under the Influence), and they’re
the limiting thoughts, behaviors & actions that piss you off,
keep you up at night, and
hold you back from reaching
your level
of Rock Star.

You’ve heard enough cliches….. I won’t throw more at
you (at least not until we’re working together, lol).
Seriously though…. you’ve heard it all.  You may have
even had a few people tell you to ‘get over it.’  Really?!


What happens when you ‘lose you’?

It isn’t so easy when there’s something that took you out of the picture for a while – an injury, divorce,
loss of a loved one.  You may have recently found yourself in an ‘empty nest’ or a job transition.
Maybe you’ve just simply lost your focus and are caught up in old patterns and beliefs.  It’s all
dragging you down – you feel helpless, trapped.  Somewhere along the line, you lost you, and you
want you back.


Step back into you

You know there’s a part of you that shines – brilliantly.  You’re just having a hard time ‘getting there’.
You need to get back into yourself – physically, creatively, energetically, spiritually, emotionally. 
You just can’t stand living like you are any more.  Living a life of pain, putting on the ‘face’ for family,
friends and clients is getting harder and harder. 

Somehow, baring your soul and ‘coming clean’ has to be easier.  You’re willing to ‘go there’ at any cost, because the cost of solving your problem will be priceless when you’re finally free and clear, Rockn’ your life out again. 

Now is the time to restore your confidence and desire, and share your greatness


I excel at helping people ‘get in & get out’ to get themselves back quickly, easily and gracefully.  What’s it like to ‘get in & get out’, according to one of my clients, MaryAnn:

When MaryAnn ‘popped’ she was ecstatic.  She felt an immediate surge of energy rippling through her body.  She felt taller, felt more space and more alive.  In her words:  “I’m used to being in my head.  Paula helped me really expand my Heart energy….. to be there, and feel that…. to reset my heart.  My message immediately became clearer, I felt magnetic…. and that’s where a magical life happens.”



Are you a person of action?!
Do you feel aligned & ready to step into your version of Rock Star?

YES!  Your next step is a Soul Session…. a 20 minute complimentary session to dive into the topic of your choice for a mini breakthrough.  It will also give us an opportunity to find out how we mesh  and to see which of my programs is a good fit for you.  I’ve designed a short survey for you to fill out to make our time together more effective.

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Thank you so much for your interest……  I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Peace out,




©Paula D’Andrea 2012.  All rights reserved.