What happens when you find yourself spiraling in a dark moment?
Anything can send you into turmoil…..

A flat tire
A disagreement with someone
Losing something – money, jewelry, keys

They all give rise to a sudden rush of panic, upset and worry. How do you keep yourself from reeling into another dimension? It’s easy…. slip back into consciousness!

That’s right big emotion can mean big distraction. Your breathing changes, your heart races, you clench in different areas of your body, you lose focus… you lose energy.
That momentary lack of clarity can have huge effects in the long run.

Snap out of it!

What if you were to remain calm amidst the chaos. What if more often than not, you smiled and said, ‘this is perfect.’   Imagine if you were just able to breathe in, stay in flow and let it all happen!  That would make your life a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

All you have to do is tune into yourself on a daily basis and strengthen your ability. Yeah, it’s pretty much like flossing & exercise – the consistency will keep you in good shape.  The more you energize your being, you’ll be in top shape to handle anything, anytime.  Here’s how easy it is…..

1. When you get up in the morning, just meld into yourself.
2. Think of the things that really turn you on – let it Rock your body ….. and let them turn you on.
3. Open your eyes, bringing that energy into your day.  Voilà

Getting tuned in with yourself on a daily basis will allow you to adjust to any situation….. easily, organically, gracefully.  Just practice being.

When those little distractions creep in, don’t get spun out – Rock ya self out!

 What’s your tip for staying in the flow?  Leave a comment, it may Rock somebody’s day 🙂




Paula D’Andrea is a Transformation Coach specializing in Body Awareness and Vibrational Tuning.
Using her unique gift to ‘tune in,’ she guides clients to release old, trapped energy and emotion in their body.
There is a wealth of knowledge stored in the body, ready to inform and reconnect with the heart, allowing one
to be in a more dynamic flow, with ease and grace. Once someone establishes this awareness, they are able to
fully connect with their body and heart, to improve their self care, be healthier and live a more dynamic lifestyle.

Paula has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, and an Amazon best seller.
She’s also appeared on KTLA’s Morning Edition, KNBC’s ‘Live in LA’, and Telemundo’s ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

Paula is also the founder and producer of Rock Your Life TV which is featured on iTunes, YouTube and the Blubrry Channel for ROKU.
On her show, Paula interviews and features leading experts in business, wellness, energy and transformation, providing viewers with tips, information and different modalities of healing, energy and self care to Rock their best life.

To view episodes of Rock Your Life TV, visit http://rockyourlife.tv/
©Paula D’Andrea. All rights reserved.


  • Some time ago I read an eBook that talked about what you’re suggesting. I did for a while and some mornings it seemed to make a difference, other mornings it didn’t.
    Thanks for the reminder. Perhaps I’ll give it another go.

    • I hear that Debra 🙂
      I think it depends on what the issue is…. some are gonna have that
      ‘magic wand’ effect, and some are just gonna ‘keep you in a place.’
      The awareness factor is the real key, and the more you can pinpoint
      those dark moments & stay present to experience the emotion, the
      easier it will become to flip that switch & use it to fuel your energy.
      That’s a lot of what I do in my High Vibe sessions 🙂
      Check back in & let us know how it goes this time around! Paula

  • Hi Paula. An excellent way to start the day. Thanks for the tip! The problems creep up during the day, especially when unplanned for events take place or someone else got out of the wrong side of the bed and decides everyone must have a bad day. LOL.

    What I do, when things are not going as planned and need to get back into the flow is to simply distance myself for a short while. For example, make a cup of coffee, take a short walk with the family pet or even do some house work. In other words, do something energetic to get my Third Chakra active again and drain out any irritation that might be building up. The distancing oneself from the flow-blocking issue actually improves productivity.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your tip Vatsala – I love that you use energy to move your emotion!
      And also very considerate to take responsibility and turn it around 🙂

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