Since you're the most important person in your life, let's focus on you!

You agree that you're important, don't you? Just imagine for a minute that we're having a conversation and you bring up a noteworthy experience you had. My next question to you is, "name 5 significant areas of your life."

What would you come up with? Take a moment now to pull out your notepad and pen and jot down your thoughts. Are you done? Maybe not, how about hitting that list again! Have you gotten past those "drunk monkey's" and bypassed all your inner dialogue? Just for good measure, answer the question again.

Now that you have your final list, do you think you're remarkable?
Were you able to list more than 5?!
How did it feel to focus on the areas of your life that are significant for you?
Are you feeling proud? Accomplished? Does it inspire you to do more?

What's your biggest takeaway from this exercise? Leave your comment below - thanks!



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