In May 2011, I visited Sedona, AZ.  It was a life transforming adventure for me, and I fully experienced the ‘Magic of Sedona’. 

Unearth your gems.
My first magical moment was occurring as I drove in from Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon.  Traveling a paved tunnel of lush green trees I felt I was entering a new earth, as I plunged into the depths of the canyon.  Every 10 feet, bringing me closer and closer into the earth, each glimpse more beautiful than the previous.  On the wind up, the first sight of red rock alivened me to the core.

The come and the go.
The second day brought me to life when I was out hiking.  Since 1994 I have had 3 knee surgeries, some with complications, that have left me in the ‘non impact zone’.  Several times I have tested the waters when I got the urge to run, to no avail, and usually with a painful setback.  That all changed in a few moments on Broken Arrow Trail.  I felt an irresistible urge to run, so I broke into a jog, leaving my hiking partners behind.  It was an ecstatic experience as I was able to move, breathe and feel expansion of mind, body and spirit.  My ability to jog helped flush out things I had been holding onto, and energy blocked in my body.  

Bring your Brilliance to being.
That evening my magic continued as I took in the pitch black Sedona night sky, illuminated with 1000s of stars.  It was breath taking and mesmerizing!  Fully absorbed by the expansiveness of this massive luminosity, all of me was alive, connected and flowing freely.  Cosmic bliss.

Live dynamically, energetically and in harmony with your being.
During my trip, I had an opportunity to meet, explore and play like I was part of the XMEN with one of my mentors, Soleira Green.  Our discussions included Amplified Living™, ‘Magical Moolah’, the simplicity of engaging your energy and my favorite term, ‘adding to the hum of the world’.
Here is our impromptu interview:

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