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Speaking Topics:
*RESET: Energized Solutions Quick solutions on how to overcome stress, pain, limitation and burnout.  Leverage your energy with effective, long-term changes using cutting edge techniques for your body & mind for more vitality, better health and productivity.
*7 Keys To Leverage Your Energy Everyone has those times when their mind is occupied by 'drunk monkeys.'  What do you do when your inner dialogue is so loud that you can't turn it off?  Find out how to quiet your mind to stay in a productive zone.  
*TAP-In For Ultimate Success This interactive, demo driven presentation is an informative and fun way for participants to "tap in" and explore their own dynamics using the  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping)

Formats available to you:

*Executive Retreats

*Workshops & Seminars

*Keynote Presentations


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