The Universe is calling you into the Law of Vibration. Are you ready?

In this series, I’m energizing Inspiration to bring you into the Grace of your natural alignment. You may know it as spirit, Greatness, essence, or being…. I’m introducing it as Pono.

What is your first energized Inspiration? Forgiveness. The ability to forgive is super Powerful. To be exquisitely, with Grace and the ability to forgive. To fortify your heart with the power of your vibration and be supported by the Universe as your Rock your Higher Vibe.

Let’s energize Forgiveness right now by guiding you to your Pono. When you access your soul The.. to be ‘right’ with yourself and begin releasing energies of emotion that no longer serve you. To answer the loving call of the Universe that wants to play, and Rock Your Highest Vibe with you.

The word Pono comes from an ancient Hawaiian prayer, Ho’oponopono. There are 4 phrases that are soothing, very effective. You want good things to come your way don’t you? To realize and live in your manifestations? Begin to forgive, and watch your life unfold as you free your energy and give rise to your vibration.

In this moment of inspiration, let’s focus on you. Forgive yourself to bring peace and clarity to your heart, mind, body and soul. Let go of past grievances, negative thoughts and pent up emotion. Accept yourself, deeply, completely and wholly.

In forgiving yourself, you may surface other people or instances you’d like to hold in the light and offer solace to. To let go of the need to be right, blame or ego. I encourage you to have a journal handy so you can take notes on what’s come up for you in our time together. Make a list of the situations and people you’d like to forgive, and anything else that comes to mind.

Follow through this episode to discover some easy techniques for Forgiveness. When you finish watching, visit for a FREE gift.

Thanks for watching – Happy Holidays!

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