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  Best Selling Author, Kat O’Keefe Kanavos – Surviving Cancerland Intuitive Aspects of Healing   [RYL TV #10]
Speaking Voice Trainer, Cindy Ashton – Rockn’ Charisma and The Power of Your Voice [RYL TV #14]
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3 Rock Your Life TV Experts going to the CA Women’s Conference 2014

Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Victoria Pynchon – How to Close the Wage Gap [RYLTV #05]

Financial Expert, Kris Miller (Part 1 & 2) – Step into Your Financial Wealth – Pt 1 [RYL TV #22]Pt 2 [RYL TV #23]

Negotiation & Contracts Expert, Eldonna Lewis Fernandez – Think Like a Negotiator & Rock Your Life  [RYL TV #36]

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