Peter Frampton had one of the most popular ‘live’ albums ever.  
It all started when he was 7 and taught himself to play guitar.  As he Rock’d into his teens, he was playing jazz, blues and Rock.  What are the chances he’s hook up with a Rolling Stone? Pretty high.  At 16 he met Bill Wyman who was the manager of The Preachers at the time.  From there he went on to The Herd and Humble Pie before going solo.


Show Me The Way

Do you ever feel like you lost your way?  It can seem like an overwhelming challenge to get it back… kind of like trying to punch your way out of a wet paper bag.  Maybe you’ve heard the Japanese Proverb, ‘fall down 7, get up 8.’  How many times have you had to pick yourself off the ground?
What do you do for your Rockspiration?
What are some of your ‘go tos’ that bring you back into your Higher Vibe?
How do you tap into your inner Rock Star?

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Do You Feel Like We Do
It’s important to have others on your side….. to be around like minded people who bring forth your best.   Do you have that team in place?  Most importantly, do you have objective people around you who will call you on your shit and give you a different perspective?  Coaches, consultants and mentors come in really handy for that.  It’s important to keep your emotions from getting the best of you so you can see a fuller picture and make sound decisions.  Often times, it helps to have someone guide you through that while you get good at it.  

Get in touch with your emotions?  Breathe in, relax and get ready to write!
1.  Write out some of the emotions that seem really big for you.  List them out.
2.  Do you know why you find them so overwhelming or lose power to them?   Fill in as much as you can.
3.  Pinpoint the origins…. when, where, how did you get these blown out emotions?

Now that you’ve brought yourself into an awareness level, you can begin to burst some of those outbursts.  It’s a lot easier to make changes once you know what you’re dealing with.  The next time you feel yourself spinning out of control, literally take a step back and take a breath.  Those 2 physical movements will bring you into awareness and break the momentum of the emotion.  Out loud, say, ‘What am I doing?’  Again, another way to slow the roll on the emotion and let you in a higher level of awareness break the pure emotion before it totally Rocks you out.  It isn’t about not feeling.  It’s about being aware of what you’re doing, rather than flipping out and letting your mind run wild.

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“The Longer You Love,
The Longer You Live,
The Stronger You Feel,
The More You Can Give”
Peter Frampton


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One of Peter’s teen band mates was the stellar David Bowie (RMS #8) in the group, George & The Dragons

Frampton contributed to George Harrison’s, All Things Must Pass

A near fatal car accident put his career on hold in 1979.  When he was able to play again, he played for David Bowie.

Frampton Comes Alive! has sold over 16 million copies


 Rock ya self out ~










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  • Well, I could never understand how Frampton came from the rockin’ Humble Pie to the annoying persona he developed – of course, that’s just my opinion – on ‘Frampton Comes Alive’ but clearly he knew what he was doing. He’s still performing ‘Baby I Love Your Ways’ when no one remembers Steve Marriott wailing “I Don’t Need No Doctor”!!

    • Those ‘one hit wonders’ go on and on…….. I don’t know anything about Humble Pie, but knowing you,
      they had to have Rock’d 😉
      Thanks Andrea! Paula

  • It is true that we do get affected by the company that we keep and if one wants to stay upbeat, then one needs to find positive, shiny happy people! It also helps to be a positive friend. One never knows when one of the flock needs to have you to keep them up when their chips are down. Good to be one of your tribe, Paula!

  • Boy, Frampton looks SO young in the photo. Makes me think how quickly time flies.
    Taking a breath is definitely one thing that helps me when I get into overwhelm.
    Other times it might EFT, writing in a journal, or calling one of those trusted friends who I know “has my back.”

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