Living out of natural integrity with your body has thrown off your posture, affected your breathing and is a contributing factor to weight fluctuations. Each time you’ve experienced stress, big or small, had an injury, or gained/lost 20lbs, you’ve greatly altered the homeostasis of your body. Now is your time to get back in your body and have a deep appreciation for it.

Every experience leaves a fragment of emotion in your cells. All the aches, pains, fatigue, stale breath, trapped oxygen, bad habits are on the war path…. screaming for relief!

Just think of a time you were all amped up, in a heated discussion with someone and you just clamped up.

  • Your adrenaline was rushing
  • Your nervous system was on high drive
  • Your breathing was heavy

Where do you think that all went? A good guess is, right into the area of your body that gives you the most pain.

The good news is, you can clear out your cells. With focus on energy, breath, movement and the BUI Flush you can begin to purge built up detritus. With the right tools, years of holding back thoughts and actions and stifling your voice will exit your body, freeing you up on every level.

How much & how quickly you free up depends on how much you’ve got & how long you’ve been dealing with it….. just like weight loss. It is a process, give yourself time to get started. Once you get going though….. you’ll be at that high vibn’ place of a Dynamic Living

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Keep breathing your dreams into reality……..

Rock ya self out ~


Paula D’Andrea is a Reality Architect who has overcome her own ‘Screamn’ Demons’…….. Rockn’ 5 near death experiences, 3 knee surgeries, family loss and financial ruin, to come back on top and work with some of the most entertaining people on the planet.

 When you work with Paula, either as a client or business partner, you can count on her having your back. She is charismatic, candid, bold & knows her shit – true Rock Star material herself.
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